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Sustainable Solutions for Conscious Consumers

Sustainability is an integral of our business model at Alliant Coffee Solutions. We make a strong effort to partner with eco-conscious affiliates like Rainforest Alliance who are committed to preserving the rainforest by inspiring responsible business, supporting sustainable livelihoods and restoring balance to our planet.

Amazon Rainforest

Currently, Rainforest Alliance is raising awareness and working on preventing the devastating fires that are consuming the Amazon Rainforest. This rainforest is the most biodiverse forest in the world and is one of the world’s greatest natural climate solutions due to its unparalleled capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. Last month, 7,000 square miles of the forest were in flames, an area just smaller than the size of New Jersey. After a forest blaze regrowth is possible, but a full restoration must be a global effort. The goal of Rainforest Alliance is to raise awareness so that change can happen on a global scale.

Together with our partners, Alliant hopes to encourage more businesses to start making small changes in the breakroom, one cup of coffee at a time. That’s why we offer sustainable solutions – our Hurricane coffee line is made up entirely of Rainforest Alliance Certified products. From a dark roast Category 5 blend to the flavored Butter Toffee Tsunami, you can feel good about buying and consuming these products.

Hurricane Coffee

In order to obtain a Rainforest Alliance Certification, farms that supply our coffee beans must comply with 10 standards set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network. These standards include but are not limited to:

Rainforest Alliance Certified logo

• Ecosystem Conservation

• Wildlife Protection

• Fair Treatment for Farmers

• Good Working Conditions for Farmers

Farms are audited and evaluated on a regular basis to ensure these standards are being honored. More farms that get on board with these standards means better practices are being enforced for our planet and the people who inhabit it.

Here’s what you can do to help: If you’d like to donate, our friends at Rainforest Alliance are making it easy for you to make a difference. Donate Here and watch your contribution save the world.

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