Taking care of our planet and resources is one of our top priorities at Alliant Coffee Solutions. We have made great strides in introducing recyclable and compostable materials into our products and packaging, and continue to look for ways in which we can improve our practices and use of sustainable materials.


What are zero-waste coffee pods?

• Roasted using 100% green energy

• Packed in 100% compostable film

• Can be all tossed into your green bin (coffee, filter, and film that wraps each individual pod)

• Adds valuable nutrients back into the soil

Why is compostable better than biodegradable?

• The compostable method is preferred over biodegradable — as the material breaks down into “humus" which provides valuable nutrients to the soil

• Compostable products break down much more quickly than biodegradable

• Fully compostable film will quickly return to the soil and it is still ideal for maintaining the freshness of the coffee


Sustainability & Social Responsibility from Seed to Cup


The Biodegradable Products Institute is a third-party organization that sets compostability standards for products. Our pod film meets ASTM D6400 standards for compostability at facilities that process to these standards.  


Our Fair Trade certified roasts support economic stability for farmers in producing countries and environmentally responsible farming techniques. We’re proud to work with Fair Trade USA as they explore new ways to expand the impact that Fair Trade has on the lives of coffee farmers. 


For a coffee to be certified organic, it must be grown in a manner that excludes the use of fertilizers, pesticides, hormone treatments and steroids. Organic farmers instead must rely on superior growing practices, natural fertilizers and alternative methods of pest and disease control.


Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and promote the rights and wellbeing of workers, their families, communities, and environments.


Our award-winning roasting plant is powered by 100% green, carbon free energy harvested from natural and renewable sources, such as wind.