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Conscious Consumption at Work for the Office Coffee Drinker

1) Check the labels.

Know your supplier. Alliant Coffee Solutions proudly offers brands that are Fair Trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified and some Certified Organic options. Additionally, to help reduce waste in the workplace, we have even made our soft coffee pods and packaging compostable!

2) Buy coffee in bulk.

While the above certifications usually come with a slightly higher cost for quality, overall price can be balanced out by purchasing in bulk. Buying coffee in bulk can save your company loads of money and can help cut down on wasteful packaging. Check out our website and order yours at

3) Ditch the daily coffee shop stop.

As most of us know, this can be a hefty expense. When you brew your own coffee at the office, you cut down on waste, save time and get your caffeine fix at nearly a quarter of the cost. You may even open a savings account with your newfound wealth!

4) Invest in a reusable cup.

This is one of the simplest and most effective habits to acquire to set you on the path to becoming a sustainable coffee drinker. BONUS: many coffee shops offer discounts or incentives when you bring your own cup. Save the planet, save your wallet, drink more coffee!

5) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-think.

Be mindful of the containers you use on a daily basis and dispose of them correctly. Many recyclable items go straight to landfill and contribute to our waste problem. Instead of dumping old coffee grounds out, use them to enhance your garden. Coffee grounds provide essential acidity and nitrogen to soil so your plants can thrive. You can even mix grounds with your favorite essential oils for an exfoliating face scrub, just don’t get caught wearing one of these at the office.


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