Reunion Island Coffee Roasters showcases an uncompromising commitment to quality and sustainability. Over the years, they've cultivated strong relationships around the world with an incredible group of leaders in sustainable coffee farming and development. They're constantly exploring the globe to source exceptional coffees from emerging origins and innovative farms.

From their roaster to your cup, there's always something new to discover.


RI Pod Box.png

Soft Pods

Coffee pods are the latest single cup coffee format and are packaged in 100% compostable materials. Each pod contains enough fresh coffee to brew one perfect cup. Soft pods are designed to work with the CafeXpress brewing system and other commercial pod brewers. 

RI Whole Bean.png

Bulk Coffee

Fresh roasted bulk coffee is available in ground or whole bean for use with commercial brewers and bean to cup machines. These large quantities are available in select blends.

RI PortionPack.png

Portion Packs

This traditional packaging is available in pre-measured 2.0 oz and 2.5 oz packages to create an 8 - 10 cup pot of fresh, brewed coffee. 



    Medium Roasts

  • Colombia Las Hermosas
  • Island Reserve
  • Firefly Decaf
  • Arrow Espresso

    Dark Roasts

  • House Blend
  • Privateer Dark
  • Sumatra Ketambe
  • Kona Blend
  • Sunday Morning
  • Guatemala
  • Empire French
  • Espresso Barlino