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What to do with those left over coffee grounds

Americans are finding creative ways to save money and produce less waste, which is why we want to share with you some innovative and environmentally friendly things you can do with your old coffee grounds.

1.Fertilizer: Coffee grounds have always been a popular ingredient in compost bins, but did you know that it works as a natural fertilizer as well? That’s right, just spread used coffee grounds on the top of the soil and your plant will love the extra nourishment.

2. Using coffee grounds as a fertilizer doubles as a natural pest and insect deterrent because they don’t like the caffeine.

3. Fill up a small ramekin or mason jar with used coffee grounds and place in your fridge. Coffee grounds eliminate foul-smelling odors and can keep your fridge smelling fresh for up to 2 weeks before you should replace the grounds.

4. Don’t struggle to clean your pots and pans anymore. Instead, mix a small amount of coffee grounds with a little bit of warm water and use this to clean your pans. The coffee grounds help release any built-up residue without all the hard work!

Next time you are about to throw away coffee grounds, remember all the creative ways you can use them!


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