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Authentic Donut Shop Blend's please-all taste profile and appealing retro packaging have made it our best selling blend and a favorite in offices everywhere. The brand resonates familiarity among its customers for its quality and inclusive product offering that has something for everyone. Complete with its own line of support and sales materials, this product line is easy to sell and has tremendous customer loyalty. 



Soft Pods

Coffee pods are the latest single cup coffee format and are packaged in 100% compostable materials. Each pod contains enough fresh coffee to brew one perfect cup. Soft pods are designed to work with the CafeXpress brewing system and other commercial pod brewers. 


Bulk Coffee

Fresh roasted bulk coffee is available in ground or whole bean for use with commercial brewers and bean to cup machines. These large quantities are available in select blends.


Capsule Cups

The easy, convenient way to brew a single cup of coffee. Ground coffee packed in an airtight cup preserves freshness and offers a consistent brew each and every time. 


Portion Packs

This traditional packaging is available in pre-measured 2.0 oz and 2.5 oz packages to create an 8 - 10 cup pot of fresh, brewed coffee. 




  • Original Roast
  • Original Dark
  • Original Roast Decaf

    Flavored Coffee

  • RA French Vanilla
  • RA French Caramel
  • RA Vanilla Hazelnut
  • RA Chocolate Buttercrunch
  • RA Decaf Vanilla Hazelnut